Enter The Realm

Foiling Vecna's Plot

Adventure Session 3
Doc and Gruff appeared to a border patrol along with the arisen The Great Betrayer or simply Luke. The rightful emperor has assumed the form of his younger self and is now an incorporal child with a flute determined to make the most of his second chance at life and determined to save the empire of haven that he founded.
A goblin scouting party, scouting in broad daylight was defeated and reported.
Upon the reporting of the event the party was detained and revealed that the mayor was a Sahaugin, a fish type man, disguised as an aquatic elf. He was defeated and before his death boasted to the party that Vecna could not be defeated as the nobility was infiltrated on many levels.
The last chance for the lead librarian of haven to raise an army of the undead was killed.
The party realizes that Luke must ascend to his place as rightful emperor and now are ready to seek out The Keeper of Haven’s noble bloodines.


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