Enter The Realm

The Kentu Enter

The party reintroduced themselves on the back of a bronze dragon to the Kentu. Some of the party scammed and stole while the rest helped the rightful heir to the dukeship of the territory in his quest for flight. The heir’s nobility proven an army of Kentu was raised to attack a borderkeep blocking passage to the west.
The party finished the session breaking into the fortress to blow up the gate with several barrels of a mysterious explosive white powder.
The party hopes to gain access to a dwarven keep further west to undo Luke the Great Betrayer’s condition of being undead or possibly just incorparal.

Sea Bound Voyage to the Keeper of Haven's Bloodline

The party set sail for Sinope, an uneventful start to their journey. Once at Sinope the party was surprised by the large segment of the population that was Kentu, a wingless upright walking bird species. The party was quick to offend their host, commenting, “Why don’t they have wings?” The party rested before their long journey, some in quiet prayer, others in restful slumber, and some drinking and gambling into the late hours.
The trip southward was interrupted by Orcs allied with Kobolds, a disturbing happenstance indeed. The ambush thwarted the party managed to find the Keeper of Haven’s Bloodline, with his lair overrun to what he referred to as a dragon VD. The kobolds were dealt with. The party was unable to establish Luke The Great Betrayers lineage as he lacked a smell as he was incorporal. Still some of the party established noble bloodlines and proof of them.
The journey points far west with a fortress blocking the party’s path. First the party must establish the rightful Kenku’s heir through a test of flight, to obtain his secret a powder that explodes that isnt magical.
Will the Kenku heir sail through the skies or will he plummet to the ground, according to the Brass dragon he must succeed at flight or perhaps the Kobolds with Orc allies will be the death of the western section of the Empire of Haven.

Thievery in Avantra's Name

The party took advantage of the Empire of Haven’s loose legal system and managed to loot the Gladiator’s Hall of several high quality weapons with a bare knuckle brawl as a distraction and some help from the Rouge’s guild who got the audience intoxicated as well as smoking up the whole place. Though many of the hero’s were caught invisibility allowed one of the party to make off with the loot. Prior to this a large congregation of Vecna followers were easily cut down. The follower’s of Vecna is a problem the party knows hasn’t simply disappeared. A map was acquired as well as vague directions from legend to assist the party in finding The Keeper of Haven’s Bloodline. The party awaits either a sea bound or land bound journey to the far away city of Sinope.

Foiling Vecna's Plot

Adventure Session 3
Doc and Gruff appeared to a border patrol along with the arisen The Great Betrayer or simply Luke. The rightful emperor has assumed the form of his younger self and is now an incorporal child with a flute determined to make the most of his second chance at life and determined to save the empire of haven that he founded.
A goblin scouting party, scouting in broad daylight was defeated and reported.
Upon the reporting of the event the party was detained and revealed that the mayor was a Sahaugin, a fish type man, disguised as an aquatic elf. He was defeated and before his death boasted to the party that Vecna could not be defeated as the nobility was infiltrated on many levels.
The last chance for the lead librarian of haven to raise an army of the undead was killed.
The party realizes that Luke must ascend to his place as rightful emperor and now are ready to seek out The Keeper of Haven’s noble bloodines.

The Great Betrayer Arisen

Adventure sessions 1 and 2
Doc as he is called a scientist with his knowledge of history, arcana, and religion foiled a plot by the servants of Vecna to raise an army of the undead.
With Gruff, a desert nomad, and two dwarven allies he ventured into Avantra’s graveyard.
Stuck in a parallel dimension of sorts they lived through The Great Betrayer’s life and showed him a new path.
The party escaped, but unexpectedly brought The Great Betrayer with them in incorparal form.
As loyal servants of The Empire of Haven the heroes seek to put him upon his throne. Doc and company were arisen amongst a group of border watchers who have joined them on their quest.

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